About Us

S.O.S (Sheffield Oversight and Scrutiny) is an independent, citizen-organised platform concerned with local democracy and governance, in Sheffield and beyond.


  • undertake and coordinate various kinds of citizen-led comment, scrutiny, research, analysis and evaluation activities for supporting transformations in Sheffield’s local democracy and the way our city works (governance).
  • connect with other local campaigners, community groups, grassroots activists and third sector/civil society organisations across Sheffield, to amplify our local and collective voices, and for meaningful influence in our local democracy and the way our city works
  • promote collective interventions and actions, and build networks, solidarity and counter-power to the local state.
  • act as a reliable, citizen and community-oriented source of information, especially for those who want to understand more about how our city works, and the ways in which citizens might respond
  • connect with local campaigners beyond Sheffield and in national networks, to share, learn, and work together wherever appropriate and to contribute to national debates on local democracy and governance with Sheffield knowledge and experiences.